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6 reasons why you should choose a 4D rocker system over a rocker plate

Riding indoors doesn’t have to be a literal pain in the ass.

Indoor cycling training used to be something professional cyclists regarded as a nuisance. Something that just had to be done. It was mostly reserved only for the absolute worst weather or rehabilitation training after an injury. 

Luckily that’s not the case anymore, as indoor cycling technology has taken momentous leaps forward, coming up with new innovations that have made indoor riding more realistic and engaging.

Because of these innovations, it’s quite common to take your training sessions inside these days. Some coaches might actually prefer that their athletes train inside to eliminate variables, such as weather, traffic, or your own day-to-day schedule.

One of the best innovations to come out in recent years is a rocker plate, that takes indoor training to a whole new level.

What is a rocker plate?

With the emergence of bike trainers, cyclists were finally able to simulate outdoor riding indoors. As we know, most professional cyclists are already familiar with these trainers, as they help them get the most out of indoor training. Only one thing was missing – movement.

And that’s where rocker plates came in. A bike rocker plate is a platform that adds motion to a fixed bike and a bike trainer. It is used to make those boring endurance rides indoors more comfortable – and more fun. It also adds a level of natural movement to indoor training. This movement is easier on the precious bike frame, unlike riding on a fixed bike.

While a rocker plate is indeed a good device for simulating outdoor riding, it has its shortcomings. Consisting of only one platform, it lacks true natural movement and makes indoor rides feel unnatural.

Additionally, many traditional rocker plates use inflatable balls for adjusting the plate. Sometimes the circumference of these balls can differ drastically even when inflated to the same pressure, causing you to lean to one side more than the other. If you try to fix this by inflating the balls to the same circumference, the plate will be leveled, but because of the different pressure in the balls, the lean will still be different from side to side.

We at Gymrail wanted to fix these issues and take indoor training to the same level as it is outdoors. We wanted to make indoor training more efficient, convenient and always available. So we came up with a solution. It’s called the Momentum X1, and it’s going to revolutionize indoor cycling training. 4D rocker system is born! 

Momentum X1 – train like you want to race

Now pay attention, because Momentum X1 is not your regular rocker plate. In fact, it’s one of a kind. It is a patented* 4D rocker system, a real game-changer, that solves the issues traditional rocker plate users have had in the past – such as sufficient tilting and comprehensive adjustability. 

Where traditional rocker plates only have one platform to mount your bike on, Momentum X1 comes with two separate components – the front frame with adjustable feet and a back rocker plate – that allow for a true natural movement. This makes indoor training more realistic as you’re able to swing effortlessly in all dimensions, as Momentum X1 includes all the directions of movement needed for effective indoor cycling training.

Here’s how it works:

So without further ado, here are 6 pretty impressive reasons why you should get Momentum X1 4D rocker plate system for your indoor training sessions.

1. True natural movement.

When it comes to movement, the MomentumX1 is truly in a league of its own. It’s the first model in the market to offer groundbreaking 4D-movement that allows you to swing effortlessly in all dimensions – not only from side-to-side and front-aft, but also from left to right as if you’re on the open road.

This all-inclusive movement range is important to create that true natural movement that makes indoor training effective. MomentumX1 is the only rocker system in the market that offers movement in four dimensions:

Fore-aft movement
Adjustable 6 cm + 6 cm = 12 cm (4,5”) total surge movement.

Side-to-side tilting
Adjustable left-right lean angle. 7,5° + 7,5° = 15° total side-to-side movement.

Lateral side-to-side movement (sway)
Adjustable 6 cm + 6 cm = 12 cm (4,5”) total side-to-side movement.

Twisting rotation (yaw)
Momentum X1 is the only rocker system in the market offering a 7° twisting rotation in both directions from the central axis. The separate front legs and back plate create a natural S-movement, allowing you to ride more naturally. This rotation doesn’t cause torsion to the bike frame, unlike traditional rocker plates.

Other functions:

Steering mechanics

The steering mechanics allowing a natural handle rotation is included. Steering electronics add-on will be available in the latter half of 2022.

Ascent and pitching

Hill climbing simulation coming in mid to late 2023.

2. Higher riding comfort.

Kiss those sad saddle sores goodbye. Momentum X1 offers the highest riding comfort in and out of the saddle with its 4D movement technology. It removes the unnatural movement of a fixed bike frame and the friction caused by a stationary saddle, and allows you to move as freely as if you’re on the open road. The pain and abrasion on your shoulders and backside will also become a thing of the past.

The intuitive movement allows for the longest training sessions that you actually want to do for hours. The Momentum X1 is an experience after which you won’t be able to go back to your old indoor training equipment.

3. No stress on the bike frame.

Bike frames are not designed for rocker plates or trainers, so the warranty on the frame may be terminated once you start using indoor training equipment. Some evidence suggests that stress placed on a bike frame from hard efforts on a fixed bike may cause frame fatigue leading to structural damage.

This might have been an issue before, but with Momentum X1, you can now breathe easy.

The patented rocker system allows you to train as hard as you can, since the rocker’s smooth swinging in all dimensions and the rider’s more natural movement doesn’t put the frame under any torsion or pressure. In fact, training with Momentum X1 can be even gentler on the frame than actual open road conditions.

4. Results.

Power, as measured by watts, tells you how hard you are turning the pedals. It is the standard measurement in cycling because it’s consistent no matter when and where you train. And the numbers don’t lie – with Momentum X1, you are finally able to reach your final watts and improve your indoor cycling maximum wattage level up to 9%.

With a rocker plate system you’re able to get in specific, high quality training sessions anytime. Providing a more upright position, Momentum X1 strengthens your upper body and core muscles while keeping your pedaling strong and stable throughout the session. And unlike other models, Momentum X1 swings smoothly from side to side, improving your pedaling technique while you train.

5. Compatibility.

Momentum X1 is compatible with nearly all bike trainers out there, and can be used with the best training applications, such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, Bkool, Rouvy, FulGaz, Kinomap, RGT (Road Grand Tours), Tacx Training App (Garmin), Xert, and The Sufferfest.

So whenever you want to immerse yourself in a virtual cycling competition or take on famous climbs and group rides, you’re able to do so wherever and whenever you are, with a rocker plate system that moves freely underneath you and completes the experience.

And speaking of training wherever you are – it’s actually really easy to take the Momentum X1 with you anywhere you go. You can pack it in your car and bring it with you for an effective training session before a big race, as it takes up less space than one big, traditional rocker plate.

6. Safety.

Look, it can be dangerous out there in the wild. Bad weather, darkness, traffic, and road conditions should all be taken into consideration when you’re out cycling. Injuries suck, but unfortunately they do happen sometimes. And the first thought after an injury is, “When can I get back out there and start training again?”

When training indoors, you’re much less prone to injuries, since you’re in a safe training environment in the comfort of your own home – or wherever you are! And because you’re training with Momentum X1, you’ll get just as effective workout as you would outside.

No off-seasons with Momentum X1

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it’s all the same with Momentum X1. Now, you can use your bike 365 days a year with a rocker plate system that takes bad weather and other variables out of the equation. Experience the most natural riding movement with Momentum X1 – a new innovation by Gymrail that takes indoor cycling training to a whole new level.

So in conclusion – when compared to traditional rocker plates, the Momentum X1:

  • Offers true natural movement with a game-changing 4D-technology
  • Helps you reach your final watts and improve your training level by an average of 9%
  • Allows you to train as hard as you can without putting any extra pressure on your bike frame
The MomentumX1 rocker system has been tested on numerous professional racing cyclists and the feedback so far has been excellent. As a testament to the functionality and quality of our rocker system, several professional cyclists made personal investments in Gymrail shares in the spring of 2021.

*Patent pending n:o 20215769.

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