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Tero Setola – 6th of September 2023

GYMRAIL Momentum X1: A Tool for Triathlete, Coach, Bike Position Optimization and Testing

The content of training, as well as the training environment and used equipment, should always be approached with the requirements in mind as the race or training camp approaches. This should happen in a controlled manner, so that the training environment doesn’t introduce significant changes that the athlete wouldn’t be able to adapt to.

This also applies very well to cycling, especially when the goal is outdoor cycling races or events like triathlons. The more time is spent cycling indoors, especially on popular trainer bikes, the further away one gets from the real environment, equipment, and performance demands of outdoor cycling.

I’ve personally faced this challenge in my own training as well as with my coached athletes. As effective as cycling on a stationary trainer or indoor cycling setup is for road or TT (time trial) bikes, it’s far from outdoor cycling. While a stationary setup allows effective training that heavily targets the legs, it can easily lead to excessive load if both high-intensity and recovery exercises are done in the same stationary position.

To address this challenge, I’ve found help in using the Gymrail Momentum X1 rocker device. With Momentum, the entire body, especially the core, can be activated similarly to outdoor cycling, engaging the same muscles as riding outdoors. The bike moves freely in all directions beneath the cyclist, making cycling more natural and efficient.

I’ve found that using the Momentum with road and TT bikes allows for longer endurance rides indoors without overly fatiguing the legs, more power for Zwift races by better utilizing the bike’s movements, and smoother transitioning to outdoor cycling. Additionally, there’s less torque applied to the bike frame.

For me, the Momentum is in use year-round with both road and TT bikes. Furthermore, the Momentum works exceptionally well for bike fitting and conducting bike performance tests, as it brings us closer to the demands of outdoor cycling.

Tero Setola – Triathlete / Coach / Cyclist

Tero Setola Valmennus

Feel free to contact Tero directly regarding testing the Momentum X1 rocker or coaching matters.
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