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Safety & Compatibility

Users are responsible for reading instructions thoroughly before using Gymrail Momentum X1, and complying with the instructions.

Gymrail Momentum X1 (MX1) has been fit tested with many widely used and popular bike trainers. Go to following article “Best indoor bike trainers for smart cycling” for information on specific trainers. If your trainer is not listed, please contact Gymrail customer support at

Before every ride on your Momentum X1, always check the following:

✓ Trainer retention straps
Make sure your trainer is securely fastened to the MX1 with the trainer retention straps. Check for any damaged straps. If damaged, do not ride.

✓ Rear plate velcro straps
Check that the straps are secure and not damaged. If damaged, contact Gymrail customer support regarding replacement options.

✓ Front fork tightening
Make sure the front fork is still secured to the MX1 steering unit.

✓ Platform base
Before hopping on, make sure the MX1 is level. If not, adjust the front frame legs to make the rocker level.

✓ Bicycle skewers or thru axles
Make sure the thru axles and/or skewers of your bicycle are tightened to the recommended torque specifications of your bicycle manufacturer.

General Safety Guidelines

✓ Consult your physician before beginning or modifying any exercise programs.

✓ Do not exceed the 136 kg (300 lb) weight limit. Excessive weight on the MX1 may cause failures and/or premature wear.

✓ Use the MX1 only on a stable, level surface.

✓ Use caution while getting onto your bicycle.

✓ Do not put hands, body parts, or other objects near the moving parts. Keep children and pets away from the MX1 while in use.

✓ The MX1 is only intended for use with static bicycle trainers. It is not intended for use with trainers that also incorporate movement.

✓ Do not modify the MX1.

✓ Keep the movement range around the MX1 clear of obstacles and be cautious if riding in a space with a low ceiling

Setup & Mounting

Before you begin your journey with Momentum X1, please make sure to read these instructions thoroughly to ensure a safe riding experience, and to get the most out of your new rocker system.

Note: The place where you intend to use the Momentum X1 rocker must not be inclined in the lateral direction (left or right). A small longitudinal slope can be corrected by adjusting the front frame legs, but a lateral slope can cause issues finding a balanced riding position.

The following tools are needed to assemble the Momentum X1:

    • Spirit level
    • Measuring tape

Make sure that all the necessary components are included in the package:

Rear plate components

1 pc Birch plywood 700 x 760 x 18 mm
1 pc Assembled rear plate frame
8 pcs 5 x 19 mm screws for wood plate
8 pcs 5 x 19 mm screws for steel plates
4 pcs Steel plates for trainer assembly
1 pc Drill bit 1/4″ x 25 mm (Ph2)
5 pcs Gymrail velcro straps 25 x 300 mm

Front frame components

1 pc Momentum X1 aluminum front frame
1 pc Steering unit (separately packed)
1 pc M 10 x 40 mm screw for steering unit assembly
4 pcs M 8 x 25 mm flat-head screw (front frame leg locking screw)
2 pcs Hex key

Watch this assembly video first

Mounting your trainer onto the rear plate

First, adjust the rubber bumpers underneath as far away from the center frame as possible (Unless the setting is already like this), so the lateral incline (left or right lean) can be checked more accurately.

Stiff adjustment (pic.below)


Loose adjustment (pic.below)

Place your bike trainer unit onto the plate. The trainer should be placed as close to the front edge as possible, so the trainer’s support legs remain firmly on top of the plate. Use a spirit level to check the horizontal inclination of the plate (left or right lean). 
Left side leaning problem?
If there is, for example, a lean to the left side, you can move the trainer slightly to the right side of the plate. If there is not enough space on the plate and if the incline cannot be adjusted this way, it can be compensated by adjusting left side leaning with rubber bumpers.

Loose the thumb nut and slide the right side bumpers of the plate about 10 mm closer to the middle frame (pic.above). This way, the right side will be a little softer than the left side of the plate, and gives better balance for the rear plate.

Assembling the front frame

Place the front frame on the floor upside down. Extend the legs one at a time and manually insert a conical screw through the empty screw hole in the end plate. Secure the screw to the hole in the leg with the included hex key. Repeat this process with the other legs.

Flip the front frame to its side, take the steering unit and place it firmly in the bearing sleeve in the middle of the front frame. Check that the rubber bumper adjusting steel plates are parallel and the steering unit mounting hole is exposed under the unit.

Secure the steering unit with an allen screw (1 pc) and flip the frame to its legs.
Adjust the height of the legs by adjusting the height of the front and rear ends to the same level. Measure the height from the center of the front fork to the floor, and from the center of the rear fork to the floor. These dimensions must be equal.

Calculate the correct height as follows: Divide the tire diameter by 2, then add 100 mm. E.g. for a 700 mm front tire: 700/2 = 350 + the Momentum X1 rear plate height 100 mm = 450 mm.

Check and fix the front end incline with a spirit level.

Note: Check that all screws and attachments are secure after installation, but also before every ride. This ensures the parts are not subject to excessive wear and the rocker is safe to use.

Note: Before the first ride, adjust the front frame and rear plate rubber bumpers to make sure the plate is rigid and tilting is low. This makes it easier and safer to get on your bike and start riding.

A general guideline for tilt adjustment

Softer front and rear plates / easy to lean side-to-side
Adjust front and rear rubber bumpers near the center frame

Stiffer front and rear plates / less side-to-side leaning
Adjust front and rear rubber bumpers further away from the center frame


Additional adjustment tips

The best balance can be found with trying out different variations and positions of the rubber bumpers (front frame 2 pcs and rear plate 4 pcs).

If the rear plate feels too unstable, try increasing its stiffness. This tones down the movement.

The over-mobility of the rear plate is also affected by the location of the plate’s center of gravity:

a. If the center of gravity is more over on the rear tires, the rear plate might be restless and move excessively.
b. If the center of gravity is more over on the front tires, the rotation and activity on the rear plate decreases.


The Momentum X1 is extremely versatile in its geometry and adjustment options, and it adapts seamlessly to different riding styles, body weights, and pedaling powers.

TIP! We would recommend driving for about 3-6 hours before making any significant changes.
This way, you can get a feel for the suspension and better determine the response you want from it. Then, you can make the necessary adjustments accordingly.


Getting to know and getting used to the Momentum X1 rocker system, as well as getting the most out of the various adjustment options, always takes time. But when you find the right adjustments for your riding technique, we’re sure your results will be top notch.

Recommended Maintenance

✓ Inspect the MX1 parts on a regular basis.

✓ Keep the MX1 clean with a dry cloth. Do not use cleaning supplies on the MX1.

✓ Clean the wood top with a dry cloth.

✓ See for an instructional video.

Official Warranty Terms

Gymrail Concept Oy (GRC) warrants products to the original consumer to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Terms of Warranty

For Gymrail Momentum X1 indoor cycling training platform.

Metal frame 12 months warranty 6 years warranty for registered users
Bearings, tension steel springs, rubber bumpers and silicone rubber wheels 12 months warranty
Wooden rear plate, paintings and decals 12 months warranty

Please contact us at to obtain return authorization prior to return. GRC reserves the right to inspect any product before issuing a replacement. GRC’s only obligation shall be to replace such products or parts that it determines are defective. Limitations Gymrail warrants your product to be free of any defects in material or workmanship.

This warranty does not apply to parts that have been worn out through normal use or damaged through misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, or unauthorized modification. Where applicable, incidental and consequential damages are not covered, and there are no other warranties, expressed or implied.

This warranty applies to the original owner only. Retain your receipt as proof of purchase. The foregoing warranties are in lieu of and exclude all other warranties not expressly set forth herein, whether expressed or implied by operation of law or otherwise. Other than as set forth above, GRC makes no warranty, whether express, implied or statutory, with respect to any product, including, but not limited to, warranties of reliability,
merchantability fitness for a particular purpose, or those arising from any course of performance, dealing, usage or trade.

GRC shall not be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages or expenses in connection with its products. GRC’s liability hereunder is expressly limited to the replacement of goods not complying with this warranty or, at GRC’s election, to the repayment of an amount of the purchase price of the product in question.

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