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Gymrail’s new 4D rocker system for professionals simulates outdoor cycling

Press release – Gymrail, September 20, 2022

What if indoor training felt just like the open road? That can soon be the new standard of professional indoor cycling training. The Finnish home fitness equipment company Gymrail introduced its new invention in July at EUROBIKE 2022: a 4D bike rocker system that allows you to experience the most natural riding movement.

For many professional cyclists, indoor training can be a pain – quite literally. While trying to achieve the efficiency levels of outdoor training without the risks of traffic or changing weather conditions, the restricted movement of a fixed bike can cause issues such as insufficient tilting, limited adjustability, friction caused by a stationary saddle, and frame fatigue leading to structural damage.

“We wanted to help professional cyclists reach their best possible results and make indoor training sessions more efficient and convenient. That’s why we have developed the Momentum X1 that swings in all directions, offering the most natural movement on the market,” says Harri Salmenautio, the CEO of the Finnish home fitness equipment company Gymrail who launched the revolutionary product in 2021.

“Momentum X1 is the outcome of thousands of hours of designing, testing, and perfecting the product,” he explains. “We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with professional athletes which gave us the possibility to get instant feedback on prototypes, and what improvements had to be made.”

Video: Watch how the Momentum X1 works

Reaching more watts

According to road racing cyclists Fiona Schröder (GER), Lennert Teugels (BEL), and Riku Övermark (FIN), using Momentum X1 has improved their indoor cycling training levels and helped them reach maximum watt level for a longer period of time.

“If I look at my peak powers inside and outside, there is a big gap. A fixed trainer can be very tight, so there is no sideways movement in your back wheel, and that makes me lose 100–250 watts,” Teugels says.

“Not only does Momentum X1 have sideways movement but it also has an up and down movement as well as rotation in the front. It adds comfort and allows you to push for more watts, making the whole training experience more efficient. E-racers and sprinters should definitely give it a try, since you’re actually getting better results,” he continues.

Övermark has noticed that Momentum X1’s side-to-side movement allows more efficient use of the glutes and hamstrings.

“It was much easier to push more watts, and after a couple of test rides my 1-minute average power input increased by 7 percent. The difference was substantial compared to a static trainer and bike combination,” Övermark says.

“After testing the Momentum X1 during Eurobike, I never want to ride without it anymore. The frame and body move freely just like on the road. It’s just more fun to ride on the trainer now,” Schröder confirms.

A new world of indoor training

“At Gymrail, we are dedicated to changing the world of indoor cycling and home training for good. We believe that Momentum X1 is the solution that both professional and beginner cyclists have been looking for,” Salmenautio states.

The Momentum X1 4D rocker system is available at and Amazon Germany. Estimated delivery to Scandinavia is from 3 to 5 days. For the rest of the European countries estimated delivery is from 5 to 12 days

Product features

  • True natural movement with game-changing 4D movement technology that allows you to move freely – just like on the open road.
  • Highest riding comfort in and out of the saddle – Momentum X1 reduces pain and abrasion on your shoulders and backside.
  • Reach your final watts – train as hard as you can with no limits and get in specific, high quality training sessions anytime.
  • No torsion on the bike frame, thanks to Momentum X1’s smooth swinging and the rider’s more natural movement.
  • Compatibility with nearly all bike trainers and the best training apps available.
  • Easy to use and bring with you for an effective training session before a big race.
  • Innovative design and stylish looks that are unique in the market.
  • Back plate 70 cm (L) x 76 cm (W) x 10 cm (H)
  • Front frame 46 cm (L) x 58 cm (W) x 45 – 50 cm (H) depending on the adjustments of the front fork
  • Total weight 29 kg, with packaging 30 kg.


  • RRP 1.459,00€ (incl Vat.)
  • September offer in and 1.239,00 € (incl.Vat.)

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Gymrail Concept Ltd is a company located in Vimpeli, Finland. Our goal is to develop the world’s most innovative modular products for competitive sports, fitness, and rehabilitation. The first product to launch is the Momentum X1 – a 4D bike rocker system for professional indoor cycling training. With Momentum X1, you can finally experience the most natural riding movement while effortlessly swinging in all dimensions.

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