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Riku Övermark: “Riding with Momentum X1 feels like riding outside”

“Riding with Momentum X1 feels like riding outside”

We sat down with road racing cyclist Riku Övermark to hear his thoughts about racing, recovery, and training with Momentum X1.

Tell us about yourself. When and why did you start cycling?

My name is Riku Övermark and I’m a road racing cyclist. After playing hockey for most of my younger years, I started cycling in 2014 after developing a knee issue.One of my favorite things about cycling is that I can ride and exercise basically everyday, as I like to stay active. Also a big motivation for me is winning races, which is quite hard in cycling.

Any major results or highlights from your racing career you’d like to share?

My first race was in 2017, and after that I’ve had many starts during summer time. In 2020 and 2021 I placed #3 in National Criterium and #2 overall in ŠKODA Cycling Cup. I also placed #1 in the 2021 Rosendahl Cup.

How do you take care of yourself during and after a race?

My goal is to win a national time trial title, and to do so, I need to be smart about racing and recovery. During a race the most important thing is to eat well and stay hydrated, though it can be difficult at times – especially drinking enough in cold conditions.After a race I usually do an easy recovery spin and have a recovery drink. Between races I stretch religiously to avoid injuries and go swimming once a week.

Tell us about your training during the racing season and the off season. What needs to be taken into consideration?

My training varies quite a bit so it’s hard to describe a typical routine, but my favorite training equipment is the time trial bike. I think it’s important to do enough Z2 training, and to go for harder training sessions each week. That being said, I make sure to get sufficient rest during the racing season and not to train too hard.

What are you looking for in indoor training?

For me, indoor training has to be fun and most of all effective. I ride indoors during the winter months so I can go as fast as possible in the summer.

What are the benefits of indoor training?

I think one of the main benefits is to improve your heat tolerance. To maximize the tolerance, I sometimes ride without the cooling fans on – it’s really quite hard indoors.

How do you stay motivated during longer periods of indoor training?

Training applications, such as Zwift and Wahoo, keep training interesting even while indoors. In winter I also like to go skiing, as I like to do longer Z2 exercises outside as well.

Why did you start training with Momentum X1?

A friend of mine introduced me to the MX1 and I decided to give it a go. After the first test ride there was no going back – training with the MX1 felt so natural, it was like riding outside.

What did you notice after your first test ride?

This was my first time testing a rocker system, and the difference was substantial when compared to a static trainer and bike combination. Thanks to the MX1’s natural side-to-side movement, I felt like I could use my leg muscles more efficiently – especially my glutes and hamstrings. It was also much easier to push bigger watts for a longer period of time with the MX1. I rode a couple test rides, and my 1 minute average power input increased 7%.

How has your training experience been so far?

The rocker was really easy to set up and use, and as I mentioned, the movement was truly natural and it helped me reach better wattage results. My upper body muscles didn’t tire as much, so I could go for longer rides. I didn’t notice any tension on my bike frame either, and I think it’s because of the larger scale of movement.

Have you tried any training applications with the MX1?

Yes! I did a riding session with Zwift and it felt much more sensible and efficient.

What surprised you the most about training with Momentum X1?

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but the natural movement really does feel like I’m riding outside. It’s my favorite thing about the MX1. It’s the bike rocker you need if you want to take your indoor training to the next level.
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