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Risks of road cycling – Are there any?

Most cyclists prefer being outdoors to get used to the asphalt, the environment, wind, and other aspects.  Outdoor cycling is a healthy activity but it also involves some risks.

The main risk is the heavy traffic on the roads which increases your chances of having a accident. Another reason outdoor road cycling has become hazardous is the conditions of the asphalt roads. Many roads have bumps and are uneven. 

When cyclists are at high speed, a small uneven bump can be very dangerous for them, even if they’re wearing proper safety gear. On average, a professional cyclist has a speed of 40–50 km/h and it can go up to 65–70 km/h. 

The heavy traffic, asphalt condition and high speed cause a risky situations for cyclists and the accidents are unfortunately common. Accidents may cause serious injuries that can take long time to recover from. Moreover there have been several accidents where cyclists have paralyzed and even died.

Seasons and weather conditions can limit outdoor cycling

Depending on where you live, the climate and the seasons can greatly affect the possibilities of cycling outdoors.

If you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, you get to enjoy four seasons, but at the same time you also have to tolerate the extreme weather conditions.  Snow, ice, rain, darkness and frost can bring more challenges to outdoor cycling.

The roads, especially in winter, are slippery and the cold poses challenges for clothing and other cycling gears. In such conditions, it is much nicer and safer to practice indoors where it is warm.

With the help of indoor training, individual training sessions during the winter season can be increased and their duration extended. Naturally, this will have a significant impact on preparing for the next cycling season.

Comparing cycling training indoor versus outdoors

Cycling in a professional level requires a lot of training hours. Cycling training can be done both indoors and outdoors, depending upon your preference and style.

Especially during the pandemic, most people had to stay indoors to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, indoor training became a thing, and since then, it has become an alternative and additional option for cycling training.

How does cycling training indoors differ from outdoors training, and which is better suited for you?

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Here are reasons why training indoors with Momentum X1 makes sense

Momentum X1 is the ideal choice for indoor cycling training! 

With such a remarkable machine, there are plenty of reasons why you should train indoors rather than outdoors.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider training indoors:

1. Safety

When riding outdoors, you should be aware of potential dangers such as inclement weather, nighttime driving, traffic, and poor road conditions. 

Working out inside reduces your risk of injury since you may do it safely and comfortably in your home or wherever you are.

You will exercise just as successful as you would outside since Momentum X1 is being used. Riding with Momentum X1 dramatically reduces the risk of accidents or injuries, allowing you to train effortfully, attaining a high number of watts with less risk.

2. Increased riding control

The Momentum X1 offers the highest degree of riding comfort in and out of the saddle, thanks to its 4D movement technology. It eliminates the friction from a motionless seat and the unnatural movement of a fixed bike frame, allowing you to move as naturally as if you were on a highway.

You won’t feel the pain or abrasion in your shoulders or lower back anymore.

The automatic movement, which you genuinely want to practice for hours, allows for more extended training periods. You don’t want to utilize your existing indoor training equipment after utilizing the Momentum X1.

3. Better results

Power, measured in watts, tells you how hard you are depressing the pedals. It is the acknowledged measurement in cycling due to its constancy independent of the time and place of training.

Momentum X1 lets you finally attain your maximum wattage when indoor cycling by boosting it by up to 9 %.

A rocker plate system allows you to work out efficiently and precisely whenever possible. By placing you in a more upright position during the workout, Momentum X1 helps you develop more muscular upper body and core muscles while maintaining steady, powerful pedaling. 

When you work out on the Momentum X1, it also moves smoothly from side to side. This makes it easier to pedal than other models.

4. Stress-free bike frames

The frame’s warranty can be invalidated if you start utilizing rocker plates and trainers that are not designed for bicycle frames.

Some research suggests that the stress placed on the frame of a fixed-gear bike during vigorous effort may cause frame fatigue and structural damage.

Momentum X1 has resolved all previous issues, so you can finally breathe easily.

The frame is not under any tension or pressure because of the rocker’s smooth swinging in all directions and the rider’s more natural movement, allowing you to train as hard as possible.

Training on the Momentum X1 may be better for the body than driving on the open road.

5. Wherever it is needed

Wherever you are, anytime you want to, you can immerse yourself in a virtual cycling race or challenge renowned hills and group rides thanks to a rocker plate system that swings freely beneath you and completes the experience.

The Momentum X1 is quite simple to transport wherever you go and it is compatible with practically all bike trainers now on the market, including Zwift, TrainerRoad, Bkool, Rouvy, FulGaz, Kinomap, RGT (Road Grand Tours), Tacx Training App (Garmin), Xert, and The Sufferfest.

6. Resilience

Finnish cyclist, Riku Övermark, suggested that one of the most profound benefits of indoor cycling is increasing your resistance to adverse situations. He tries to improve his heat tolerance in his indoor training and often cycles without a cooling fans. 

Outside it isn’t easy to attain a summer environment in the winter. However, you can set it up in your home with minimal effort.

7. Time management

Athletes are often sahort on time. Finding good time for training can be difficult. You also want to spend time with your spouse, children relatives and friends. 

Indoor training can be done whenever you have time for it.

You can cycle while your family is sleeping or you can place the Momentum X1 in front of your television and watch cartoons with your children while training!


Indoor cycle training has become the norm for cyclists. Indoor training is a much safer, more reliable and convenient option. 

Especially when you get Momentum X1, you’re bound to get better results.
It makes no difference where you are when using Momentum X1. 

Thanks to rocker plate technology, you can now ride your bike 365 days a year regardless of the weather or other factors. 

Momentum X1, a ground-breaking invention from Gymrail that elevates indoor cycling training to a new level, may provide you with the most natural riding action. 

The Momentum X1 offers the following advantages over conventional rocker plates:

  • It utilizes cutting-edge 4D technology to provide accurate, organic movement
  • It raises the intensity of your workout by 9 % on average and helps you reach your maximum watts, and it also permits you to exert yourself to the fullest without adding to the stress on the bike’s frame.
  • The 4D rocker system also gives the users a unique, authentic experience of an actual outdoor riding environment.
  • Momentum X1 has focused on minimalistic details, providing users with a wholly new and authentic experience.
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