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MOMENTUM X1 deliveries is now also available in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK

Reach your
final watt level

Experience the most natural riding movement with Momentum X1 – a 4D bike rocker system for professional indoor cycling training. 

Reach your final watt level

Experience the most natural riding movement with Momentum X1 – A new innovation by Gymrail that redifnes indoor cycling training.

Feel the movement - with Momentum X1

Reach your final watt level with our groundbreaking 4D rocker system. Ride as hard as you can without putting any unwanted tension or pressure on the frame. Indoor or outdoor, it’s all the same with Momentum X1.


When it comes to movement, the Momentum X1 is truly in a league of its own. It’s the first 4D full motion rocker system for indoor cycling in the market to offer natural movement that allows you to swing effortlessly in all dimensions. This all-inclusive movement range is important to create that true natural movement that makes indoor training effective.

Fore-aft movement

Adjustable 6 cm + 6 cm = 12 cm (4,5”) total surge movement


Adjustable left-right lean angle, 7,5° + 7,5° = 15° total side-to-side movement

side-to-side (sway)

Adjustable 6 cm + 6 cm = 12 cm (4,5”) total side-to-side movement

Twisting rotation (Yaw)

7° twisting rotation in both directions from the central axis


We are constantly evolving and listening to our customers’ wishes. We want to improve and be the best in outdoor cycling and provide a true bike racing simulation experience with the Momentum X1 rocker!


Steer without buttons and bypass others –
The handlebar is for steering!
(Prototype testing in progress)


Use the front brake, rear brake or
both brakes at the same time!
(Prototype manufacturing in progress)

CLIMBING with mx1

Climb up and descend at full speed – Lean, brake, and steer through the hairpin on the ideal line!
(On the drawing board)


Hear from our happy customers:

With Momentum X1, I feel like I can train longer and harder as it moves so naturally. I really can't see myself training without it anymore. If I used to like riding indoors, I now love it.
Ilari Koivusalo
A must for sprinters, or for those who want to improve their indoor sprint! Definitely worth a try for any rider who likes to ride the turbo.
Lennert Teugels
Momentum X1 is the bike rocker you need if you want to take your indoor training to the next level. The movement is so natural, it feels like you’re riding outside.
Riku Övermark
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